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Well-versed in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, COMM|VEDA Consulting can work with your team to develop a research or evaluation plan, collect and analyze data, share results, and propose recommendations. Past projects have included program evaluations, needs assessments, landscape scans, survey-based research, analysis of secondary data, desk research, and interview and focus group-based research. We can present the findings in a variety of formats and often partner with designers to produce visually engaging online or print content.


We love telling the story of the incredible work that happens in the social sector. COMM|VEDA Consulting can help you develop case studies, briefs on best practices, or other written content to communicate the impact of your work and increase the visibility of your social change efforts. And if you already have existing content that needs to re-purposed or cleaned up, we can help edit documents so that they speak to the audiences that you want to reach.


COMM|VEDA Consulting helps manage projects by coordinating with key stakeholders, creating clear workplans and timelines, leading team meetings to ensure timely progress towards deliverables, and communicating status updates to project stakeholders. COMM|VEDA Consulting has experience leading website design projects, data dashboard tools, and research projects.

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